Saturday, December 12, 2009

Henna shopping

Last night I went to Whole Foods.

Side note: I forgot how bloody expensive that place is. Back when I was a raw foodie and veg, I was shopping there at least 3x a week. Never again. Fresh markets only!

Okay..sooo this brand of henna was takin' over the place. I did a quick search on my Blackberry just to find out that most of its reviews were...not good. That's too bad...they have a ton of colors and "seem" to be all natural. Oh well....the search continues.
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Amina said...

hey there
I use the mehandi brand...I really love it. OMG! the locs are turning 1 year tomorrow

Expanding Beauty said...

check out henna for hair, I've used the henna they sell and have been very pleased. Remember whatever brand you use make sure it's body art quality henna also. Lastly henna only comes in one color the only natural colored henna I know of aren't really henna it's usally alma, indigo or cassia (which are all fine) stay away from henna mixed with metallic salts.

B said...

Thanks for the recs, ladies!

Kay exquisite said...

Hey I was considering the Lush brand from amazon and it had great reviews and I looked at a couple of ladies on youtube that used it and their hair came out great.

Unknown said...

A friend of mine used the Lush brand and enjoyed it as well. So you should def take Kay's advice :-)

B said...

Thanks ladies!