Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pipe cleaner spirals--results

Um no...

No me gusta. I can't say I'm feeling this. Maybe it's because my locs are too short to really hang. Boo. I'm going to stick to my perm rod rollers.

On a good note, this curls have lasted. Too bad I couldn't appreciate it because my hair seemed so short. They didn't even look like locs. More like curly braids or something.

Not an epic fail...just not an appreciation for this method of curling. I will definitely try again when my hair gets longer.

And Lawd...look how crazy this looked when I had them in.

HAAAA!! And to whoever told me it wasn't a good idea to get colored pipe cleaners b/c they may leave lint in the locs. Um, yeah...thanks for that tip. Switching to black next time around.


*Coop* said...

WHAT?!?! I'm really feeling the spiral look. It looks great! Why don't you like it?
I love it!!

Expanding Beauty said...

Shame I like the curls too, but you just answered something I always suspected about using pipe cleaners, the lint factor.

~*~iN HiS iMaGe~*~ said...

it doesn't look bad at all, but i agree that they may look better when your locs are longer. maybe you should have rocked the locs with the colorful pipe cleaners still in there. LOL.

B said...

Coop---> I don't knooooow, sis. :(

laloced---> Girl NOT do the color. HA!

In His Image---> I sooo thought about it. And I probably would have done it but I wasn't in the mood to deal with the crazy amount of looks I would have gotten. LOL