Thursday, January 7, 2010

Professionalism and locs, part II

The Coil Review 2010 New Year's Web Commercial from The Coil Review on Vimeo.

Ohmigoodness, I can relate to this SO much. I work in a professional environment and me and my locs are both minorities. I mean a Black girl with a natural hair is ALMOST acceptable these days (since it's like a trend now, ha!). But a Black girl with locs....OHMIWORDS! Ig'nant people still associate locs as being for Rastas only and assume that they are dirty. I've gotten so many ridiculous looks and comments in reference to my locs. My sexual preference was even questioned.

I mean...what? Heterosexual women don't wear locs? Wow.

I love how this commercial shows that natural hair and locs CAN be professional. And quite frankly, I'm glad to stand out among the popularity of straight and long hair. Of course I can appreciate how good a perm do can look but common are they? Not that THAT's bad but let's face it---it's the accepted norm. And I am anything but that. I mean shoot, I'm a God-fearing woman that loves Hello Kitty, listens to TuPac, adores tattoos, doesn't watch TV and cries when Christmas is over. I've long accepted that I am not anyone's "norm". So why should my hair be?

We can't even say "It's just hair. Who cares!" anymore. Why? Because Black women spend a crap load of time (not me) and money (not me) on their hair.

Anyone remember that episode of Living Single when Kyle was rocking the baby locs? He was recommended by another brotha to convert to a "more professional and socially accepted" hairstyle so that he could move up the corporate ladder. He didn't do it. I mean, would you? How can you accept my skills and talents but not my NATURAL hair and its appearance? Does this even make sense to you?


Fam, I urge you to stop considering what others think about your hair. It's YOUR hair. Why should they give two apples and a snail what you do to it? And why should YOU care that THEY care? Self-love and self-acceptance is a beautiful thang and I'm tellin' you...once you get there, ain't no turning back. Don't let no job, no man, no family member or no ridiculous magazine/TV show make you feel that you aren't a Queen.

And the quicker you realize this, the better you'll feel about yourself. TRUST me on this.



Mocha Writer said...

*claps hands* I so agree with you. I've been natural for almost three years, and people always have something negative to say. I'm learning everyday that I shouldn't care what people think about me or my hair. It's beautiful, it's mine, and I'm a Queen = )

Unknown said...

So well put! I agree whole-heartedly!

Willowmena said...

I love your blog! I just started reading it and can't get enough! My hair has been natural several times because the perm is just sooo harsh on my hair (drying it out). And I love my hair, its completely curly out of this world and I don't have to worry about wrapping it! But I am glad that you and I share the view of not worrying about what people think of you. I have multiple tats, natural hair, will be locking it this summer and love everything about myself!

msfullroller said...

"I've long accepted that I am not anyone's "norm". So why should my hair be?"

Where is the hand clapping icon?!! Powerful post Sis!