Monday, February 8, 2010

Fro-back: My fro's favorite place...

In college, I absolutely ADORED going to the beach a few times a week. My girlfriends and I would anxiously wait for Saturday. We would pack up the car with cheap snacks, towels and books and head 35 minutes South of Tampa Bay to Clearwater Beach.

Isn't it crazy how looking back at old hairstyles can bring back soooo many memories? I'm shocked that my hair is as brown as it is in that picture. I colored my fro waaaaay too much.

Some things never change.


Amina said...

gooorgeous!!! loove the curls/coils

Unknown said...

yeah it is funny looking back at old pics and seeing how different your hair looked. it is just funny looking back at some of my pics and seeing how SHORT my hair was, and how much longer it is now! It's amazing!