Friday, April 16, 2010

Natural Entreprenuers: LocXurious

Twitter is like the International 'Find A Friend' meeting space. I ain't lyin', y'all. I am always running across someone who I am inspired by. I'm not sure how I ran into @Locxurious but I am so glad I did. It took no time for me to order from her shop. She sells handmade loc/natural hair adornments, earrings, natural hair products and necklaces. And everything is moderately priced. Loves it! I scooped up...

The "Baby You're A Star" loc adornment.

Love love LOVE this one.

The loc adornment with the scissors charm. Super unique. I haven't put it in my hair yet. I may need some help with that one.

And some fabulous green-y leaf earrings.

She knows I'll be back. In the meantime, check out her shop here and tell her that B from LocRocker sent you. I just loooove supporting fellow entrepreneurs.

Oh, and remember the post on loc'd love? Her and her man qualify too.



Boogie said...

I'm about to check out her site right now! Love the BLACK "LOC'D" LOVE photo!

Bsquared86 said...

That pic is theeeeee cutest! Yay, Loc'd Love!

LocXurious said...

Thank u ladies.....sending u luv from Locxurious...also there r new items on the site!