Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Hair Show '10: Loc Rockers!

And now for my FAVORITE part of the show...all of the amazing loc rockers! I was gasping left and right. There were sooooo many loc rockers represented at the show.

I am SO glad that I had a photographer with me because I would not have been able to snap all of these shots. I always feel like you have to ask people before you run up snappin' shots of their head. But my photographer guy didn't care. His motto was clearly: Snap Shot Now, Flirt Later. HA! Here we go...

Check out the 3.5 old locs of my sisterfriend and blogger, Luvvie. Those bad boys are loc'd already!

OMG, look at these mature menlocs. *swoons*

Speaking of menlocs.

I PROMISE y'all...that was not my idea. Not that I turned down the opportunity to be sandwiched between two men loc rockers but we digress.

Love her and her locs!

A beautiful hair model...

I kinda wanna be a hair model one day. Is that vain to say? Opps.

Another hair model...

The curls are giving me life!

Locs with color. Can't look at this picture too hard because Lawd it'll have me running to Sally's buying some developer.

Love this hair style! So intricate!

Beautiful locs done with Wrap-A-Loc. More about those later!

How gorgeous is she?

Mandisa Ngozi reppin' from Tallahassee, Florida. Holla!



 Thick locs=love. These are so organic and just....I LOVE THEM!

The longest and healthiest locs I have EVER seen!!!

A lot of times when I see loc rockers with locs that long, their edges are screaming. But her edges were just fine (y'all know I looked...). I think I'd like to grow my locs long just to see if I could get them to get THAT long.

The next time you hear someone say or question WHAT you can do with locs, send them to this post. I featured over 15 loc rockers and all of them had different styles and colors. Going to this show made me realize just how amazing (as if I didn't know already, ha!) locs are. Hair is just hair for a lot of people but locs, *dreamy sigh*

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Boogie said...

Love this! I have definitely got to share on FB!

NESSessary said...

Ooh I love this! Locs in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so nice to see variety! Locs are beautiful!

Bsquared86 said...

gorrrrgeous! such inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for sharing. I live in Alabama. I didn't know anything about the hair show. If I had known I would have went. Great pics!

Amina said...

great pictures!!
loove them

Loced Lioness said...

I'm swooning and drooling over here! I'm also kicking myself for missing this hair show but I'm definately making plans to be there next year. I love all the colored locs and I wish I was brave enough to color mine. This was a great post Ms.B MORE! MORE!

Unknown said...

i missed the hair show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopw sad !
what lovely pics here !
thanx for sharing ..I'll be back for more loc and hair ur follower, please come check me out !

DevyneMyzT said...

I KNOW SUMMA THOSE GIRLS!!! Shoutout to D. Sweat...she's the reason I started loc'ing!!

Unknown said...

Loc porn is delicious! Yuuuuuuuum.