Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Veteran loc'ers chime in: The PBG

So I've decided to start a mini-series here on Loc Rocker. It's going to be called "Veteran Loc'ers Chime In" but its real name is...

For us loc rockers who are in a rut about our locs...maybe it would help if we got some positive vibes and words of advice from veteran loc'ers.

That's a long title, uh? HA!!! It's true though. As with anything in life, sometimes it helps to talk to those who have been there. So I reached out to some of my fellow blog sisters and asked kindly begged if they would answer the following questions. First up is CaShawn from Dirty Pretty Thangs. This is my girl! I love love love her. And follow her on Twitter. She is a riot!

1. How old are your locs?
I started my locs in August 2005, so nearly 5yrs.

2. Have you ever thought about cutting them? If so, why?
I'm seriously considering cutting them now. They are soooo long. I think very long hair pulls a woman's overall features down. I'm over 35 now, so I don't think I need to help gravity do what it it's already trying to do to me! LOL! Short n' sassy is a good look for a woman my age. I'll probably just have them cut to chin length. I'd like to be a loose natural by the time my 40th birthday rolls around in 3yrs.

3. Have you ever combined your locs? Why or why not?
I've combined a few around the edges, just because they were thin and I didn't want them to break.

4. Fill in the blank: It frustrates me when my locs ________.
I can honestly say that not much frustrates me about my locs. This hair decision (going natural overall, locking in particular) was the best I ever made. Even when my hair isn't "behaving", it's nothing in comparison to the agonies I dealt with when I was using chemicals to straighten my hair.

5. Fill in the blank: I love when my locs ___________.
I love when my locs are all crinkly after a braid out set. That gives my hair a lush and voluptuous quality that I find quite attractive. It adds a little extra "umph" to my texture and overall look.

6: Any words of wisdom for struggling loc'ers?
I'd tell all LocRockers, newbies and vets to just be patient and loving with your hair. Contrary to popular [and uninformed] belief, having locs is not a cop-out hairdo for those of us too lazy to do do our hair. Having this style and looking good with it takes a lot of work. Give your hair what it needs to be healthy and look good and it will give the same back to you.

Fill free to ask CaShawn any questions if you have them. Thanks C!!


NESSessary said...

Ooh this is awesome B, thanks for starting this Loc Veterans medium, it is so informative and very encouraging/inspiring!

suga said...

Talking to veteran loc rockers is the best thing a girl who is 2nd guessing (or 3rd, 4th, and 5th guessing) their locs. The PBG just gave me some tips on FB about moisturizing. There is so much help and encouragement out there. I don't know where I would be without online support and advice.

This was a great idea, B.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I was so glad to contribute, B! Sometimes all we need is a few words of encouragement! Love you back, babe!

Unknown said...

This is great!
@PBG- about how many locks do you have?

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm not sure how many I have, Maya. I've tried counting before and always get lost at about 100. I'd guess about 150-200.

Toshia "Writing Addict" Shaw said...

Why am I not following the very pretty PBG! This is great baby girl I am so proud of you for helping out the newbies :)

dalia said...

the comment about age and long hair was a bit disparaging! :-/ she and i are the same age, and whenever i wear my hair longer, people think i'm younger (but that's not why i'm growing locs, btw - lol).

it's like hemlines, your age doesn't dictate how long they should be, your attitude, suitability and overall appearance do!

msfullroller said...

I definitely have to agree with Dalia especially since I just turning 44. lol Most are surprised to know unless of course they are close enough to see my loc "bling bling" (that's the grey for you youngun's lol)

But B thanks for starting this. I love hearing the loc veterans point of view.

Titus 2 Thandi said...

I also agree that I don't agree (LOL) with the 'long hair pulling one's face/features down etc. But I liked the interview nevertheless.Thanks for this section!

WooHoney said...

She makes me feel proud to be a loc rocker! Her hair is gorgeous!~