Monday, June 7, 2010

Reader, Say What?!: Cheri is going natural!!

So, my loves, I am going to start yet another series. It's going to be called "Readers, Say What?!" With the permission of the author, I will re-post emails that I get that I think can inspire others. And some will just be questions in which the author is looking for a second opinion. Because I value yall's opinions, I want to include you in some of these reader responses. I can't do this thing along and I really appreciate the words and support that you guys provide.

With that said, check out this letter...

Dear B,
I wrote to you a few months ago on Clumps about how much I love Clumps. Anyways I just recently found your locrocker blog and I'm in love! You have given me the strength to fight off the haters and Im going natural. I was natural for a year before college (it was mostly in braids) but once I got to college I got scared because people started to hate..i.e my mom...shes traditional West Indian believes it is best to blend in rather than make "waves" so I went back to perming and I HATED it! Especially at my school where there are no hair salons that cater to black women. 

But because of your blog Ive finally gotten up the strength to DREAD!!! IM SO EXCITED! Your locs and the locs you have showcased on your blog are beautiful and they make me proud to be me. It makes me feel like I am beautiful and not despite my natural hair and dark skin but because of it (and of course because I am me and that is fantastic in and of itself). Thank you so much B!

 I don't know what I would have done if I did NOT have the online support of fellow nappturals. Kudos to y'all! And kudos to Cheri!!!!!!


Amina said...

congratulations Keri! I hope you'll share pictures with us and good luck on your loc journey!