Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Veteran Loc'ers Chime In: Starr from Gangstarr Girl

Starr reminds me of a way cooler and way hipper me. Not that I'm NOT cool (haaaa!) but she's got such a fabulous vibe that radiates through her written word and her locs.

1. How old are your locs?
They made 5 yrs this month. I don't remember the exact date but I do remember it being mid april when I twisted my fro for the last time.

2. Have you ever thought about cutting them? If so, why?
Yes but it has only been recently that I have been feeling that way. My hair is starting to get long and sometimes gets in the way like when I'm asleep or have to wear a winter coat, minor things but  sometimes I just miss my short fro. Funny thng is when I first went natural I thought I made a huge mistake by cutting my perm off b/c I didn't have the confidence to rock a short natural. Now, I want another crack at it. I love my locs tho. I'm probably not going to cut it any time soon, at least not for another...maybe 5 yrs.

3. Have you ever combined your locs? Why or why not?
Yes because some parts of the locs just don't ackright (yup ackright). I've combined a few b/c they were too thin to sustain themselves alone.

4. Fill in the blank: It frustrates me when my locs ________.
It frustrates me why my locs_pick up random smokey smells <---agreed!

5. Fill in the blank: I love when my locs ___________.
I can answer this….I love when my locs are freshly shampooed….the smells of rose, mint, and hemp fill my nostrils and I am reminded why I am natural. I adore my hair.

6: Any words of wisdom for struggling loc'ers?
Any words of wisdom for struggling loc'ers? If you are already loc'd but in the early years, be patient. There comes a point where they really do act like teenagers ie do their own thing. It's frustrating but if you've developed the patience and discipline to get this far then keep going. They don't call it a loc journey for nothomg! I'm amazed at how mine have grown and matured. They listen to me now lol. And I get so many amazing compliments and have a way more positive image about myself than I used to and I owe that to my locs. It's truly a spiritual thing to loc your hair and once you get to the other side, you won't believe how amazed you will be. As far as styling, I got with short locs--hair color, loc charms, bantu knots, head wraps and headbands are perfect for adding variety.

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GangStarr Girl said...

Thanks for featuring me Brit! I love this series. Too bad I was typing the answers in my blackberry, some of my phrasing is awkward, geez. But anyway, I can't wait to see what other locnistas you're going to feature.