Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things Permies Say: Uh...thanks?

Friend: I love your hair.

Me: Thanks.

Friend: ....even though I could never go natural. It looks good on you though.

I couldn't make up these comments if I tried. Womp!


sabrina said...

My response: yes you can!

NESSessary said...

lol i always laugh when people say "I can't go natural..." Yes, you can, but you won't. There's a difference. However, saying "I won't go natural" sounds really harsh I suppose, but still...lol.

suga said...

People say that to me all the time: "I love your natural hair but I could never do it. You have the face/head/style for it. I'd look a mess" Then I have to bust out the picture from 2000 when I had the fresh relaxer with my hair falling down my back and ask them, "Did I look like I thought I could go natural? Anybody can go natural and look good with it. Why would God bless you with hair that wouldn't naturally look good on you?" I dont know where people get this, "you have to look a certain way to be natural" mindset. I look like "a natural" because I AM one. And as soon as you become one, you'll look like "a natural", too lol