Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upcoming Natural Hair shows!

There are soooo many natural hair events and they are doing my heart some kind of good. I am reposting this from Thank God I'm Natural. Who I got permission from because I ain't no e-thief. LOL! Tell all of your favorite naturals because chances are if these events aren't in your city, I'm almost positive that you've got friends and/or family members living in them. 

And if you're still fuming over these events not being in a city near you, stop pouting and organize one. You can do it, sugar plum!

First up..

Gulf Coast Natural Hair Show


16th Annual International Locks Conference 

Dates: Oct 2nd and 3rd
Location: Philadelphia
Show highlights: Visit website here for additional information.


Cleveland Natural Hair Expo

Dates: Oct. 9, 10
Location: Cleveland, Ohio.
Show highlights: Performance from Kymani Marley along with classes related to business, style tips, trends and hair techniques.

And last but not least...

Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Dates: Oct 30th
Location: Orlando, Florida Central Florida fairgrounds
Show highlights: vendor showcase, product demonstrations, fashion show, workshop sessions.

Yours truly will be heavily involved in this one. Oh, and guess who is going to be there? Natural hair extraordinaire Felicia Leatherwood.  Please come out y'all! I'd love to see you in my neck of the woods. Event website is here.

If you know of any other events, please let me know! For additional information about these events, please visit their websites and contact the appropriate persons. 


ChiChi said...

Ohhh schanp @ Mobile trying to come up. LOL Imma have to holla at my fam.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Will definately be at the Orlando expo!! How exciting to have a big hairshow in Orlando :)

Don't know if you got my email.
Youtuber Prettydimples01(my daughter)Check her channel for more details. She is having her own hairshow at Camp Down-3409 Maguire Rd, Windermere, FL 12pm
hairshow, hair vendors, get your nails polished by me...etc.

Unknown said...

Oh forgot to tell you the date of her show is 9/25/10

B said...

Chi Chi---> Riiiight! I am so glad that cities other than NY and Atlanta are hosting natural hair events.

rmcandlelight---> That's right! I need to email you back. I suck. LOL...tell her to shoot me the flyer and I can post it.

Unknown said...

Hi. Will you all list the Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beuty Showcase in Houston, Texas on Nov. 27th? The details are at www.naturalhairshowcase.com
They are also on facebook under Nzuri Hair Show.

We are extremely excited to have a hair show come to our area.

*Coop* said...

Ugh! How did I not know about the Cleveland show?!?!

B said...

Thanks Candi! I'll add it to the list!

I don't know but now you know so you have to go...yo! LOL!

Unknown said...

Much needed information for black hsirstylists such as myself. I put in a request at HairStare.com to publish these shows and they did YEAH!!!...They're a great website check 'em out!