Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sesame Street muppet + Willow Smith's Whip My Hair

Words can not express how much I LOVE being a hair blogger. There is always something going on natural hair-wise (surprisingly) and I love being able to bring it to y'all.

I know you've seen the clip on the brown muppet on Sesame Street, right?

 It made me smile somethin' serious. Natural hair bloggers posted and praised it. I even sent an email thanking Sesame Street for doing a video like that. Yes, y''s a beautiful thing. What shocked me (well, not really because folx will fight over anything) are the comments from non-natural ladies. I'm sorry but did this muppet say anything on the lines of "Hey little girls, SCREW perms, tell your Mommy to keep you natural"? No, she did not. But I've seen the comments on the video from folx who are pissed over the "be natural" implication. How dare Sesame Street encourage little brown girls to feel beautiful in their twists, braids, locs, curls and afros. Why they didn't have a muppet with long straight hair singing this song is beyond me. [sarcasm end]

But before that video there was Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" song. Which, although is catchy, I refrained from listening to more than once. I have this belief that mainstream music will seep into my brain and kill brain cells so I try not to listen to it often. Yep. I'm so fo real.

Howeveeeer, someone on my Twitter stream posted this collabo and I could not help but watch it a good two five times. How hilariously cute is that?

P.S. Yep, it's time for my 22 months loc update. I ain't forgot. ;) Coming soon!


Unknown said...

Off to post this on my facebook page!!

Expanding Beauty said...

So COOOOL!!!!!

NESSessary said...

This clip was soo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Being that I'm unemployed (which sucks btw lol), I watch sesame street every morning with my 2 year old daughter. I happened to watch the clip on the show and let me tell ya honey I was jumping for joy lol! Idk why people are making a big fuss about it not featuring her with permed hair when permed hair has been in the media since relaxers were created. It's time that I young ones embrace the curly/kinky/wavy hair that is grows out of their head. And if they want to relax it that's fine too as long as their self esteem is intact with whatever style they choose its all good (whew! yea I had to get that out lol).

Unknown said...

This will be on my blog and in one minute.