Monday, October 18, 2010

Upcoming Natural Hair events in Brooklyn, Houston, Orlando & Memphis

It cracks me up when I get emails from my NYCers that are like, "OMG....there are never any natural hair events for us."

*double blink blank stare*

Okay, really? It's NYC. Everything is always happening there. It's us Southern states that don't get any love. Looks like everyone is gettin' some love this season. Check out the upcoming natural hair shows! And remember, even if you aren't going, pass along the information to friends and families living in those states.

Transcendence Natural Hair Show

Dates: October 23rd-October 24th
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Show highlights: Visit website here for additional information and their Facebook fanpage here.

Nzuri Houston

Dates: November 27th

Location: Houston Texas (Power Center)
Show highlights: Event details here.

Orlando Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Dates: Oct 30th
Location: Orlando, Florida-Central Florida fairgrounds
Show highlights: Check out event website is here. I'm gonna be there!!

Natural Hair Mingle & Swap

Dates: November 5th
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Show highlights: One of my favorite natural hair bloggers, All Day Natural is hosting this event. For additional information, shoot her an email at 

If you are organizing an event or know about upcoming ones, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing about the events!

Hope you have a blast at the Florida show!

Expanding Beauty said...

I wish we had this in LA:(

Unknown said...

Trancendence was a FAB-ulosity filled sho! I'm a new loc-er (6 wks in) & it was inspiring to see the loc'd community in action. W-E-R-K!!