Thursday, November 4, 2010

Salon Spotlight: Jill's Natural Hair studio

The night before the Orlando Natural Hair show, one of the organizers asked me if I would get my hair done to be in the Fashion Show. I didn't even have to think twice. Chances are my thick thigh-ed self will never be on any New York Fashion Week runways but do I feel confident enough to jump on a runway that showcases women and their natural hair?

Hells. yeah.

So I was told to go to Jill's Natural Hair studio in Kissimmee, Florida. Kiss is a good 20 minutes or so from Downtown Orlando. I was just happy to know that there were natural hair studios outside of Orlando. That's kinda hot.

Yes, her hair color is insane. I know. I couldn't take my eyes off of her colorful fro either. Jill of Jill's Natural Hair studio was so wonderful. My locs were already washed and ready to go but I loved that she asked me what kind of style I was looking for. I have issues with stylists that just jump in your head without asking you any questions. She oiled my locs with this amazing smelling oil. It was earthy and organic-y and intoxicating. I told her I would buy it NOW. But unfortunately, she ran out.

She gave me a bangin' look though. And in under 5-7 minutes. My photos don't do it justice as it is 4 days old in those pictures. I should have taken pics when I first got it done but a sista forgot yo.

I LOVED this look and got many compliments on it at the Hair Show. I didn't even make it in the Fashion Show. I helped do make-up for the models instead.

I definitely recommend Jill if you're in the greater-Orlando area. She's sweet and attentive and her shop was  clean and inviting.

Rock on, J!


~J said...

Awesome. I'm saving this info because I'm in Orlando every June for the Premiere Beauty show.

Unknown said...

Hey girl, I did see you and your lock style was so elegant and lovely on you. I too missed the hairshow. Next year I'll be there when the doors open. (I'm hoping for another show next year) Lol!

Anonymous said...

I am in LOVE with Jill's hair color!!!!

Task Master in Progress said...

Love the style!