Sunday, November 7, 2010

Central Florida Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

Well, what can I say? It was epic. And perhaps I am bias because I helped in every way that I could to get the word out on this event. I met with the organizers and did as much as I could on the Social Media marketing tip. When it comes to an inaugural event, you just don't know what to expect. You HOPE that it turns out well, but you just don't know.

Welllll, I think the attendees, volunteers and organizers can all say that this event turned out to exceed their expectations.

From the fashion show to the vendors to the sessions and networking, I think that everyone had a great time. I spent a lot of my time meeting and greeting so I didn't have the opportunity to take as many pictures as I wanted to. Most of these are courtesy of one of my Orlando Naturals Group sisters, Yolanda. Speaking of the Orlando Natural Hair group, some of us popped up at the show.

The Fashion Show was awesomeness.

I just happened to have my make-up kit and a friend who DOES make-up with me. Together we did a few faces for the show.

That's my mentee to my right. Mariah was just floored at all of the natural beauty around her. At 18 years old, she's one of the few natural gals in her school. She wanted to talk to Felicia Leatherwood to get some tips and ideas of how to work with her hair.

Speaking of lovely Felicia, her session was a HIT! When I tell y'all she has a gift in motivating and inspiring, I'm not lyin'. She goes beyond what products are the best for your hair. She talks about the beauty from WITHIN that we must excude. And how we need talk positively when it comes to our crowns. I just love Felicia.

The vendor selection was great too!

...and they came from ALL over to attend the event. I love how natural hair has ignited such an entrepreneurial spirit among brown folx. From body care products to jewelry, fragrance and t-shirts, there was something for everyone.

And we won't even get on natural hair inspirations because they were everywhere!!

...and a ton of loc rockers were in attendance too.

Yessss, it was just...wonderful. I'm already nagging the organizers about next year's event. I'm already excited about it. Next year's event will be 2 days long so I'm geeked up already!

You can see additional pictures from the event here. And follow on Facebook for updates.