Monday, April 11, 2011

Afro locs rock the house

Don't get wrong, I am a proud palm roller. Palm rolling my hair has been the best and most effective method for my hair type and lifestyle. But quite frankly, some months I'm just over it. Especially since I'm hitting the beach a lot more frequently. Washing and re-twisting just to have to do the same thing a few weeks later is getting old.

And so afro locs I will have.

Some loc'ers really don't like to see a ton of new growth. They'd rather keep their locs super manicured.  Others would prefer to sprout afro hair. I sit comfortably in the middle.

Sometimes I love the look of freshly twisted locs. And sometimes I dig the afro locs.

That's the cool thing about not using labels like "avid palm roller" or "latcher for life". You can freaking change your mind and not have to hear anyone's mouth about it.

Any afro loc lovers in the house?