Friday, May 27, 2011

McGriff's Original Lockgroomer: Would you use heat to maintain your locs?

A ton of love to my sis Sabrina who left this on the Loc Rocker facebook page.

I'm not gonna lie...that's a pretty groovy tool for those who are desirous of manicured locs. And while I'm no heat snob (I sho 'nuff sit under a dryer when using perm rods and pipe cleaners), I think that's a little TOO much heat for my liking. And he lost me at "waxy oil". While some loc rockers can use wax on their locs, I can NOT. So no, I'm not a candidate to this type of maintenance, but I think it's a great addition for those who love super groomed locs.

As much as they used to bother me, I can't imagine totally eliminating the fuzzies. And the Lockgroomer looks like it does just that.

What do y'all think?