Monday, June 27, 2011

Lovin' my afrolocs!

I am absolutely loving NOT retwisting my hair. And I thought I'd never say that. Not doing so has really given me a greater appreciation for my locs. I was never the kind that needed super manicured locs allll the time, but I did like how freshly twisted locs looked over locs that weren't twisted.

I can proudly say that at this point, I am actually digging the freeform locs more.

Granted freeformed locs come with their own set of challenges (will talk about those later) but for right now, I am in LOVE with them. I'll do a formal post on Friday checking in on all of the guys and gals participating in the challenge but for now I wanted to shoot over some random pics of my edges and super afrolocs.

Parts? Who needs 'em?

So yeah...I'm loving my afrolocs.

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