Friday, June 10, 2011

Freeform Summer Challenge. You in?

The official Freeform Summer Challenge is here, y'all!!! Yaaaaay!

This idea came about from some of the guys and gals in the LocRocker Facebook group. If you're interested in dropping the obsession of perfectly manicured locs and desirous of giving your scalp a break, then let's go!

Purpose of Freeform Summer Challenge
I'll admit it. I have Chronic Retwisting Syndrome. It comes and goes, but there are times when I will retwist the new growth (even when I don't really NEED to) simply because I feel like I need to look 'cute'. While it may be okay now, over-twisting can lead to breakage, popping and a receding hairline. The Freeform Summer Challenge will give us the opportunity to just let go, let our locs do their own thing and realize that we DON'T have to have perfectly manicured locs to look and feel beautiful.

Who's Eligible?
Whoever wants to be.  Remember, you know your locs better than anyone else. If going a month or more without maintenance may bother your locs, you may want to sit this one out. If going months at a time without retwisting is NOT a problem for you, then this won't be much of a challenge for you, would it? The best candidate is the loc'er who can admit that he or she may retwist too frequently or wants to give the locs a break and try something new.
[NOTE] This Challenge may NOT be for everyone. If you are a newbie loc'er, interlock'er or so worried about extreme fuzzies that you fear you may go crazy, consult with a loctician or trust your own judgments before jumping in on the challenge.

What if I already freeform?
Great! We'll need you around to help motivate those of us that may need it. Any tips and suggestions you can provide will be much appreciated.

When does the Challenge start and end?
 It's up to you. The idea is start after June and before October.  However, it's completely up to you. Recall the last time you retwisted your new growth and that can be your start date. We have decided to do THREE tracks.

Track 1: Freeform for 1 month
Track 2: Freeform for 2 months
Track 3: Freeform for 3 months

Ex: If you decide to do Track 2 and start on June 11th, your end date would August 11th.

What can I do and NOT do during the Challenge? 
Feel free to style your hair like you normally would. Washing is allowed (and encouraged) and the only DON'T is to refrain from retwisting and interlocking your roots. That's it.

What if I decide to drop out of the challenge?
No problem. No one will know but you. However, I have committed to taking Track 2 and I know y'all will hold me accountable. Dropping out ain't an option for me.

Each week a FreeForm Summer Challenge Update post will go up on LocRocker. In that post, feel free to comment with updates on your locs and any feelings you have about freeforming. I will also post submitted photos ( from readers as well as pictures of my locs.

Ready to get started? Leave a comment below using the following format and join us. Good luck everyone!!

Name: B
My locs: 2.5 year old traditional locs 
Date Started: June 6th
Track 2