Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My first attempt at bantu knots + Freeform Summer

Why didn't y'all tell me bantu knots were so fabulous? Despite them feeling like I was sleeping on a bed of rocks, I absolutely LOVED this 'do.

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The good news is that my locs did a great job at twisting over into the knots. I only had to use 3 rubberbands.

The bad news is that this style made my scalp soooo sore. My scalp pretending to be tender-headed is not cool. At all. Why this happens is beyond me. I used to be able to endure all kinds of hair styles without dealing with pain. Now it seems like MOST styles not only leave my scalp feeling sore but result in head aches. What gives, yo?

It's a simple style that doesn't take forever to do. I retwisted the roots, grabbed 3 and kept rollin' and rollin' and tucked the ends at the base of the knot. Easy peasy. I sat under the dryer for a good 20 minutes or so and then went to sleep with 'em and wore them the next day. Bantu knots confuses people. A few of my coworkers didn't know WHAT to say to me. I had to do the "It's a popular African hairstyle" bit. Then I got the whole "Oh man, I wish I had hair like that." thing. Just WHAT do you say to comments like that? Hmm...

In other news, I am doing the "Freeform summer challenge". This is a challenge I made up and talked about doing on the Facebook page.  I won't be retwisting all summer long. This will be hard for me because while I can do weeks without doing a thing to the locs in the back, I really love a fresh retwist when I'm stylin' and profilin' on the first row of locs. *sigh* Details about freeform summer challenge coming soon! In the meantime, if you think you'd like to participate, leave a comment here or shoot me an email to me at

Have y'all tried bantu knots?


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