Friday, January 9, 2009

Reasons why I love my loctician

I stopped by my loctician's shop--gift in hand and ready to hug her neck, marvel in her locs and make my next appointment. Chick wasn't even there and won't be back until next Tuesday!!

After wiping my tears, I left my business card with her receptionist and what do you know? My loctician called me 20 minutes later. I will be going to see her on Wednesday. 3 days before I leave for D.C. Perfect!!

She mentioned that I will be getting a good cleansing too. *insert big ass smile here* Can't wait! can someone who I've only known for a little over a month bring so much joy? Here's why I love her:

[NOTE] I typed this up while I was sitting under the dryer the first day I got my locs installed.

1. She's on time! That whole CP time stereotype ends with her. I was her 7am appointment and she was on time and ready to start. She also called me a day before to confirm our appointment. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

2. She asks questions. Most hair stylists just "do" whatever to your hair with very little regard. She asked about my lifestyle and really wanted to know what would work best for me. She also wanted to "make sure" that we were on the same page.

3. She made me feel comfortable. "Is the water too hot?" "Does that hurt?" I have NEVER gotten this before. Lord knows I spent at least 20 hrs a month in hair salons as a child/teen and I can't tell you how many times the stylist would just do this and that without much regard for my comfort. And we won't even talk about the head massage she gives. Oh...mi...gooooosh!!

4. She's beautiful. really beautiful. Her skin, her hair, her personality, her demeanor...just beautiful.

5. She has positive vibes. I personally need to be around people like this ALL the time. She has such a kindred spirit that it radiates and is contagious--even at 7 in the morning. No complaining, all smiles and it was just a pleasure to be in her presence. Some people just have a wonderful "vibe" and aurora and she's one of them!

6. She tells she me what's going on and eases any apprehension. How many times have you gone to a hair salon and the color wasn't what you wanted or the stylist cut off MORE hair than what you wanted? Ugghhh! I can't remember when this HASN'T happened to me. LaTonya told me every step, every process, every product..everything. I wasn't left in the dark about what was going on on my own head.

7. She introduces everyone to everyone. No more of that "being talked over" feeling I always got at the Black hair salon. LaTonya introduced me to her other clients, told them my hair story AND theirs. We would all end up laughing and genuinely enjoying each others' company; a rarity among Black women (I'll save that rant for RoaR).

8. She listens to gospel music. I love this! Not T-Pain. Not Beyonce. I don't listen to gospel allll the time (maybe like once/twice a week) but I am always in good spirits when I do. This may frustrate not so "religious" clients as she jams to Malia Jackson and has Bible scriptures everywhere, but this works for me.

9. There's proof. That she does a good job, that is. Pictures are everywhere! She's got huuuuge photo albums of her work. She's got pictures that show her clients' progression. She tells you their story and assures you that they too had apprehension but "look at their locs" now.

10. She's knowledgeable. The awards/certifications on her wall are proof enough but she also really really KNOWS about natural hair and locs. She provided me with information about the different phases and introduced me to "natural hair" terminology.

Honorable mentions:

-She gives gifts.

-She's a make-up artist!

-She's sooooo funny.

-She has a professional website

-She works on one client at a time

So yep....I will brag about my loctician all up and through this blog because she is the bomb diggity!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Haha you're so cute Brit. Mom says HI! cant wait to see you too........Im counting down the days!

Amina said...

damn!! I need to meet her!!
she gives gifts too??
I know what you mean about bad customer service in hair salons....some folks have no business doing hair

D said...

I'm loving this blog..just remember to embrace the process..frizz and all...everyday your hair is changing,on days that you feel it's not what you want ..rock a fly headwrap...practice different ways of wrapping your hair...I had a tub full of fabrics..I would even cut up fabric and piece different ones together to customise!..just remember to love and be grateful for every hair on your head even that really soft patch ,lol..your loctitian sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great Read. Makes me wanna be a client!..

why is this just showing up in my reader?

Unknown said...

I'm so happy to hear all the wonder comments on LaTonya. It makes me feel so good inside that I recommended her to you.

One day I may let her retightened my sisterlocks.

Anonymous said...

Where is your loctician, bc I want to grow my locs back. You're so inspiring, I swear!

Unknown said...

How would I get her information?