Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3rd Appointment-Day 62

I am lovin' you all's comments on "Black hair"...I think I will do more discussion posts because it is soooo interesting to see what Black women think about hair. Thanks for your input!

These pictures are a little delayed. I so forgot to upload them!

I had my 3rd appointment and can you believe that some of my locs are budding already? It's only been 2 months!

My greatest concern right now about my locs is that they are too small. My fear is that they will get heavier over time which will result in them getting thinner and thinner. I almost regretting getting them THIS small. I am definitely NOT turning back so I have to decide what I will do.

-Start Sisterlocking them ($$!!!!)
-Start combining them
-Deal with what I have for now and cross that road when I get there
(any advice from loc rockers would be soooo nice!)

I was remiss in telling my loctician how I felt. I I should have. I definitely will the next time I visit her.

Overall all though, I am in love with my hair. I think it's beautiful. My scalp was nowhere near as dry as it was last month's so that's a blessing.

I have decided that this time around I will start re-twisting myself. As much as I love my loctician, I never really wanted to be super dependent on a hair dresser. So I have to learn how to do this myself. In the next week, I will get to it. I will definitely be logging that journey.

Here are my babies...

...and some close-up texture shots.

It is amaziiiing what my natural hair is doing right now. I've always been fascinated with locs but even more so now because I am seeing the transition that MY hair is making. I mean....I can't even remember my comb coils.

I really wonder what my family will think when they realize that I am indeed growing locs. I swear folx wanted to get me counseling when I first cut my hair off and went natural in '05. I am the only natural lady in my immediate family.

We have to take "family photos" (gags) for my Dad's 50th birthday. It will be my Step-mother and three younger sisters. I'm sure all of them will be sporting fresh perms and/or sew-ins.

Meanwhile, I'll be the one standing out with my locs cheesin' like a mofo.

Peace and loc've.


Shawnta said...

Your locs are a simular size that my locs were in the beginning. I think you wanted locs around this size so you are on the right track. Eventually they will start to swell. What I go by is the size of the base at the roots. Don't stress!

D. said...

Your hair looks great!!

random said...

nice! I love your texture.

Avartsy said...

Shawnta is totally right, I have sisterlocks and the when they were first installed, I thought they might've been too too small, but they've swelled/ puffed up considerably as yours will in due time...check out the link below (they're sisterlocks, but just so u can see size comparison over the years)

Amina said...

hello. Your hair is soo pretty!
i think this is the size you wanted so you should be fine :)
don't stress

Chanel said...

I think they are fine, they will thicken up. When you maintenance them, just maintenance the root instead of palm rolling the entire loc. That may cut down on them being thinner then you like. I'm in the early stages too! Sisterloc...no!

Unknown said...

No, They are not too small. I have sisterlocks and mind are much smaller than yours. They will thicken up trust me. Give it some time you just got them. Your locks are coming along wonderfully:)

Talk to LaTonya about your concerns.