Friday, June 26, 2009

Look Ma! A ponytail!

My locs go through a lot.

Virtually every day they are soaking wet from when I work-out. Especially the locs around the crown of my head. They are wet from root to tip. Don't judge me...I sweat like a beast. LOL!

Anywhooevers, the other day I was running like mad and the locs were all in my face. Long gone are the days when I used to wear the little sweatband. It doesn't work. I happened to have a rubberband on my wrist (so random) and without thinking I pulled the locs up in their first ever ponytail!

Yes it looks jacked up. And I wouldn't go anywhere with it but hey....I haven't had a ponytail since the afro puff a year or so ago.

Can't wait for the hair to get longer! Stay tuned while I tell the story about how I battle loc shrinkage.

Peace and loc've


Lady Kinnks said...

Congrats on your ponytail! Looks good! Great blog... I believe we're myspace friends :) ~Lady Kinnks of

Amina said...

I also saw someone on the plane who was banding his locks to fight shrinkage..

PhePhi said...

very cute. it doesn't look jacked up. and even if it did, it's YOUR ponytail...LOLOL. that's a great achievement, being that locs shrink like crazy...

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like that first loc'd ponytail!!! It's sooo cute!

B said...

Thanks sisters!