Saturday, August 15, 2009

The locs are 8 months!!!

Well would you look at that?

We're at 8 months! I won't even get into the cliche "Time really does fly" but it's true!!

The looks better than ever, in my opinion. The fuzzies really aren't as bad as they used to be. The added colors give the locs more personality. I am so proud at the way they held up. I was discouraged from a few to not color my hair until after a year but I took the risk and they look fantastic!

Check 'em ooooout!

The back always looks so funny to me. Not sure how to straighten it up so I just deal with it.

Speaking of the back, a few of those locs are struggling to loc. The hair back there is soooo soft.

......some of them don't know what to do. And they are too thin for my liking.

And what's goin' on over here?

The soldier loc is still holding it down. It doesn't seem to want to go much longer though. Just plumper.

An interesting shot of the locs...

I love these babies so much. I thought I knew what loving my hair was when they were 5 months. Then 6 months. Then 7 months. But now? Wow. If 8 months could be a song it would this:

This is my jam!! I looooove Stephanie Mills.

And I love my locs.

I really don't feel like I need to re-twist so often. I happened to re-twist twice in that month only because I needed a fresh do for a trip. The older they look the less I care about re-twisting. That's so funny because in the earlier months I was dying to re-twist darn near every other week. HA!!!

Peace and loc've.


Anonymous said...

Oh my... giiirl, you took me back w/ that-- Stephanie Mills?!! Whew, that was my mama's jam. Definitely an "oldie but goodie". Your hair is gorgeous!

msfullroller said...

Chile, I didn't think you were old enough to know about Stephanie Mills. lol I loved that song too. Your locs are looking so good!

B said...

Adriene---> Giiirl, whatch know 'bout that Mills? LOL! And thanks!

msfullroler---> LOL, I am such an old skool head. I prefer the older hits than the mess today. Thaaanks!

Kumina said...

I used to sing that song back when I thought I loved my husband, till I found out what a dirty cheat he was. But your locs are beautiful and unique. I love the different colors.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Congrats! As I said before, your locs are beautiful!

Amina said...

beautiful!!!!! I loove your locs

Anonymous said...

Your locs are beautiful!!