Thursday, September 10, 2009

My girls and our diverse hair styles.....

Very rarely do I get to hang out with my college girlfriends. And it hurts my heart because I love these girls sooooo much! But alas, real jobs, higher education, marriages and just LIFE keeps us a part from each other more than we want to.

But when we do get together, it is a BIG deal to me. I'll spend the entire week anticipating it. How gorgeous are my sisters?

Everyone is rocking something different. Black hair is amazing. From left to right you've got me with my locs, my girl Shannon with her goooorgeous curls, my cousin Brit and her killer curls and then you've got Sam rocking fabulous braids.

Oh yes, our hair styles are uniquely ours and beautiful!


Samantha Sophia said...

Aww we love you Brit

Kumina said...

Congratulations on your article on AOL Black Voices! Gone Girl!

B said...

Thank youuuu!!!!

Love you too, Sammy!