Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 month update!

I remember turning 10 years old like it was yesterday. I had this HUGE birthday party. I got a Game Boy. I had this enormous cake. And I got a mess of money. Since then I have always loved the number 10.

And so the locs are 10 months old.


Yes, I'm excited. They are growing so beautifully (if I do say so myself) and ever since I started latching, I seriously love my hair even more. Latching means not having to worry about twists untwisting.

First off....I've been noticing more this month than any other month that my locs are:

a) touching my neck

b) covering my ears

That means they are growing somethin' serious. It also means they make my face hot. Grr.

So when I'm at home I usually have to wear to buns at the top.

...they aren't long enough to go in one ponytail.

Well, a REAL ponytail. But ponytails comes with a challenge.

That's a busted hair tie. Yep, my hair is STILL breaking ish. Back when I had the fro it was comb teeth. Now it's hair ties. Gotta love it!

I don't latch the first few rows of locs though.

These locs require the most maintenance because well uh...they are the ones in the spotlight.

Remember a few months ago when you could see my scalp?

Not no mo!

I don't know why I have that Playbill in my hand. LMAO! So random....

I am so happy. And so pleased.

And it is taking everything in me to not color my hair again. I know, I know. I won't. Three dye jobs is enough.

For now.

Video coming soon!


Nickelicious said...

Hey Girl! I love your hair and your blog! My hair is about the legnth of yours (even though i hit 1 year Oct 10) but hey I'm not complaining, I started with baby corns. You have 191 (your hair is much thicker) I have 165 now (I combined). So keep the updates and styles coming.
Loc'd in STL

Shana Janelle said...

oh how I remember your first loc posts what a difference a few months make! Girl you got me over here contemplating locs now, knowing good and well I want a super fro! I cant be messin with you! LOL Im on month 1 post big chop # too many to remember twiddling my thumbs and just itching to do something to this TWA LOL Rock on sista!

Vivabrownbeauty a.k.a Stephanie said...

Wow this is very cute its really starting to come through nice :D

KiKiB said...

they are beautiful Brit Brat ( do u hate it when people call u that??) lol

B said...

Nickelicious---> Aren't you loving the journey? I have a feeling I'll be doing some more combining myself.

Shana---> Girl, take your time. I remember when I was a loose natural and everyone kept asking me when I was going to loc. It was sooo irritating. Do it when you're ready! :) Noooothing compares to the TWA. I still miss that!

vivabrownbeauty---> Thank you, darling!

MyLoveMyLife---> Hahahaaa! You are the first person to call me that. Reminds me of Jason and whats-her-name's daughter on The Game.


your locks are so pretty congrats on 10 months

Unknown said...

you're like...
my hero!

my locs started out the same length that yours did, but i'm only a about three months in, now.

my loctician wasn't treating me great, so i've just started trying to maintain them on my own.

whenever i feel bad about my hair, or like i'm afraid i can't do it anymore, looking at your blog always perks me up again! <3

thanks for all your posts, keep doing what you're doing~

B said...

Ren---> You're so sweet. Thank you very much! Around 3 months I had the SAME sentiments that you have. It is a tough road but hang in there. Enjoy the journey. We're in this together!

Candace said...

I have no idea how I got to your blog, but I'm SO glad I'm here. Congrats on 10 month old locs The journey is so amazing! My locs just turned 3 years old in August.
I can't wait to read more.

B said...

Candace---> Yaaaay, I'm so glad you found me! You hair is beauuuuutiful. Adding you to my Locspiration list. Thanks for the support!