Thursday, November 19, 2009

Latching gone wrong

Okay y'all...what you see in the photos are some examples of latching gone wrong.

See...while I REALLY love the process of latching, I must stress that if you are going to take that route, to be careful. So many things can go wrong.

Like...accidentally latching 2 locs in more than one rotation. This is a nightmare! I have about 2 locs in that situation now. They are connected at the roots all because I didn't separate them enough in the initial latch-job. No bueno.

And then there's the issue above. Click on the photos to enlarge to really see what I'm talking about. This happens (and this is just from my own observation...I ain't no master loctician, when latching happens in the same direction. This too is a disaster. I'll go into further details about these issues soon.

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up on some things coming to LocRocker. Yaaaay! I'm really doing my best with trying to update more often. It's tough...Clumps is super demanding. But a true blogger doesn't complain...too much. Ha!!!

Love y'all!
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Lyfe-Luv-Locs said...

I still can't latch to this day! I leave the latching to my friend when I need it done because I'm sure that I would end up with plenty mistakes too.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Oooh girl, in the begining I have latched two locs together on some occasions! I DO NOT PULL THE LOC THROUGH UNTIL I MAKE SURE NO OTHER LOC IS IN THE WAY! Trying to un marry a lock is a B-I-T-C-H! LOL!!!

msfullroller said...

You can close up those holes by going through the two legs of the y. One direction is usually enough but you may need two directions. Naturigurl of Nat's Journey into Locdom has a blog post that I used on a loc like that. You can't even tell that it had a holee in it.

B said...

Lyfe-Luv-Locs---> OMG, I loooove your locs. Lol, let me calm down. I WISH I had a friend that could latch.

NubianLockedPrincess---> Okay, divorcing a loc is the worst!! I am learning, chile.

msfullroller---> You are the BEST!!!

Raxxie said...

i feel u.. i JUST started this locking thing and i've already done the gap thing.

it drove me so crazy that i took it down and re-did it.