Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby's 1st Haircut: An Open Letter

My name is B.

I'm the one to the left. The 20-month old boy. I'm taking over my cousin's hair blog for the day. After all, I have a hair story too. A few days ago, I took a trip to see Santa for the first time. Sitting on his lap wasn't the easiest thing. I didn't even know that man like that. Anyway, big cuzzo B and I were both rockin' curls. Her locs were rockin' and my fro was....I don't know. I was cute though. Then comes the idea of me getting my first hair cut. A BIG CHOP? I wasn't feelin' that idea at all.

It's written all over my face, right?

But, the hair cut turned out to be okay! Man, I look good!

Am I not huggable or what?

Oh yeahhh.....check out big cuzzo B and I gettin' our model looks on.

What the...did she HAVE to go there? She's the weird one in the family. And I'm the cute one. I'll talk to you guys later. There's a bowl of water with rubber duckies in it calling my name.

Bye bye,
Baby B


Zmaga said...

Aww, this is adorable!

T'arr.a said...

Your hair is beautiful!!! You're getting me addicted to perm rodding locs lol

*Coop* said...

Baby Cousin B is too cute. Did he cry when he (or you?) got the haircut?

Amina said...

he is adooooooooorable!
You look amaaazing!! the skin, the locs the make up..gorgeous

Bsquared86/Bsquared0408 said...

cutie mccute!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

This post is too cute :)

Smokey Gold said...

How absolutely adorable!

new2locs said...

He is so absolutely cute & your hair is rocking!!!