Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guess where I went?

I walked in with hesitation. I was a little nervous. Would she still love me? After ringing the doorbell, I looked both ways. Trying to think of some excuse. Some reason as to why I haven't seen her in 7 months.

Then out of nowhere, I copped an attitude. She wouldn't be mad. I mean, shoot---this is MY hair. She can't be mad at me for doing MY hair. Why am I trippin'? Man whateva...I ain't afraid of her.

The door buzzed me in and walked in. I missed this shop. Within seconds I felt at home. I noticed a new barber. I heard the sounds of one of my favorite gospel songs. Strangers said "hello". And then I saw her. My loctician. "Brittany!" she squealed. And at that moment I felt better. I ran to her as if she was my long lost Auntie. She gave me a huge hug and stared at my hair.

She gasped.

Oh crap. She's going to say they look bad. She's going to see that I started latching. And she's going to notice how un-even my color is. She's going to be mad.

"Your locs are beautiful, darling!" she says.

I stared at her in disbelief."

"You mean....these?" I say as I show her the back of my head.

"Yes those! Look how long they are. And they look so healthy."

Looks can be deceiving. She doesn't know my struggles with build-up. And how I have a love/hate relationship latching. She doesn't know that my scalp is drier than overcooked chicken. She don't know none of that.

We talked for a few minutes and I made an appointment. And I whined. I told her about struggles with build-up. And how I have a love/hate relationship with latching. I told her that my scalp is drier than---you know what I mean. She listened and she smiled. She smiled and she listened. She rubbed my shoulder and said "Don't worry. I'll see you in 2 weeks. You've been doing a great job. I'm proud of you. And I've missed you."

And I left smiling like a kid who got a compliment from a middle school-er on the bus.

I'm going to get my locs did in 2 weeks. I can't WAIT! They need it and I need it.

As I type this, I am sitting under the dryer. I just did the pipe curls method, part deux. I'll post pics soon.

And this week I will also talk about some of my hair issues. Especially the latching thing---I love latching but I don't like how it looks compared to palm rolling. But palm rolling doesn't last for this work-out woman. Fact of the matter is I need to choose a method and stick to it before I have some jacked up lookin' locs.

Stay tuned!

[ETA: I took the pipe cleaners out and I still hate them. I think this look only works for short short locs or long long locs. This is bad. I'm washing these curls out. I'm sad. :( Pics coming soon.]


~Just BLESS~ said...

First of all yes your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!! You ARE doing an AWESOME job!

Second, do you mean to tell me you can't latch at the root and palmroll the rest? I'd planned on doing that because my hair is a fuzzy, curly, afro-halo mess at times. Shoot...I did a YouTube video about my first wash on my own and an ACV rinse and I could barely see my little baby locs. If you're not supposed to "mix n match" retightening methods, I'm going to be absolutely lost! Egads!!!

Kumina said...

I love your locs entirely!

Zayna said...

Love your locs! I'm too lazy to do my own hair. So I've been getting my (almost 7 month old) locs done by my loctician. I started them myself and after splitting some of them I'm definitely falling in love with them : ) Enjoy your pampering.

(Oh and the set up of your story was cute!)

YBW said...

Ooooo ahhhhh! B your locs look a-mazing. They've gotten so long :) keep up the good work. My babies want to look like yours when they grow up.

Amina said...

your locs are sooo beautiful and are long!!!
you've been doing a great job!!

Bsquared86 said...

yay! i'm glad she liked your hair!

Samantha Sophia said...

They look great girl!

Titus 2 Thandi said...

LOL.I'd also be a ball of nerves.Glad it went well!

B said...

Just Bless---> Don't freak out, mama! I say consult with a loctician about this. I think we're doing 2 different things. I don't palm roll at all. Except for the first 2 rows of locs. You're saying that you latch and then palm roll the rest just to keep those fuzzies in line? That doesn't seem like it would be a problem but I would double check with a loctician anyway.

Kumina---> That's sweets!

Zayna---> I'm lazy too, chile. The only reason I do my own hair is because I'm cheap. After being natural for so many years it was hard paying someone to do my hair. HA! But I can't deny that I loooove the pampering that comes with getting my locs down.

Ma'at---> Thanks mama! They'll get there!

Amina---> Thanks sis!

BSquared---> Me too! I thought for sure she was going to fuss at me.

Sophia---> Thanks Sammmy.

Thandi---> Thanks!

Nai said...

I just stopped by to say, you take great pics! your hair is lovely and I LOVE your blog! It always makes me smile(believe me that is no easy feat!)Are you a writer? .....

B said...

N'Joi---> Thanks so much for the love. I appreciate it. And yep....I am a writer. I've been one since I was 7 years old.