Sunday, February 14, 2010

Locs at 14 months

14 months, wow...the last few months of loc'ing have been a blur. In a good way. I went through the quite a bit, seems like.

There was the whole doubt in latching bit. And then I found a new washing routine. I made a funk-less ACV rinse but then came to the realization that putting ACV in the hair too often was no bueno. I didn't latch/twist for a month and let my hair freeform for a bit. Which was WONDERFUL and so I've decided to not only complete ditch latching period but adopt semi-free forming. I will not always re-twist after washing. I will let my locs do their own thing and twist when I feel like it. And then I dyed one of my locs purple. Not only was it a total waste but it taught me to not color my hair anymore without a professional. THEN I went to my loctician for the first time in 7 months and fell in love all over again. I have decided to get my locs professional done at least every month or as needed.

I have also learned that my locs do a wonderful job in styles. Especially for my active work-out schedule. And so I curled them but did not finger comb the curls out.


You can't see them but I used two rubber bands to pull a few locs up on one side.

 Looks like candy curls, uh? Except that one straight loc. There's always one...ha!

Actually, I had a few straight locs. I pinned them with bobby pins and viola!

Loc'd power!!

One day mine will be a long as my homie's.

I am so ridiculously in love with locs that it don't make no sense. You can tell veteran loc'ers are used to the questions and admiration but me? Oh man!! I am forever staring at other peoples' locs and getting all giddy when someone asks about mine. In.sane.

When the curls go away, I will do some comparison posts.

Until then....stay beautiful. I tried to be all artistic with that shot. HA!! #FAIL


Amina said...

loooove your locs!! they are so beautiful!

YBW said...

my locs wanna be like yours when they grow up lol

Anonymous said...

your best blog post yet! i'm so in love with locs its like an obsession lol, yours are looking great!

sabrina said...


Anna Renee said...

Girl, your locs are lookin' like da bomb! Gor-ger-ous!! That rogue straight loc looks so cute too!

~Just BLESS~ said...

See now this is just what I needed!! As I've told you, I'm only 3.5 months in and I was bout ready to cut them off...getting tired of them already then I came and saw your post.


I guess I'll hold out a little longer if this is what I have to look forward to. *CHEESE*

B said...

Thanks sweets!!

Just Bless----> Just for you I will do a post on "How to get over the hump". I remember being so frustrated with my locs from when they first got installed until around their 5th month. Hang in there!

~Just BLESS~ said...

YAY!!! I was looking at old pics of myself and I just started missing my curly q's, twist outs and what not. Thanks a bunch!! I can't wait.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

First off purple is my favorite color and I couldn't help but notice the earrings, they are so cute.

Love the curls, they came out really nice. Happy 14 months!

Mocha Writer said...

I'm loving those curls. I've been wanting to try that style...maybe I should... : )

Lisa B. said...

The curly loc twist out looks really fun :-) Now that my locs are more mature, I'm gonna start experimenting with more styles, too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful ladies !!!very very nice