Friday, February 5, 2010

You know you love being natural when...

My homie Yana me this. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier since I love Clutch. I mean, LOVE!!

Fellow naturals, y'all know that this is true!

You Know You Love Being Natural When…

  • Either your T-shirt, tote bag, key chain or any other accessory says you are.
  • You can’t remember the last time you straightened your hair.
  • You have your own library of natural hair books.
  • You don’t own a flat iron.
  • You belong to more than one natural hair social networking community.
  • You have a natural hair blog.
  • TWA, ACV, EVOO, Co-wash, Poo/Pre-poo, EO and Hand-in-Fro are a part of your vocabulary.
  • You follow or subscribe to other naturals via Fotki, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • You are aware of the effects of petrolatum, SLS/SLES, parabens, paraffins, and ‘cones’ and you are not a chemist.
  • Instead of avoiding water, you run to it, even using it as a styling aid.

Y'all know I had to get in on the fun...

You know you love your locs when...

  • You haven't combed/brushed your hair in months. Or years!
  • You use the same 2-4 products.
  • You refer to your locs as babies.
  • You know the stages that locs go through.
  • You ask other people about their locs and how old they are.
  • You have embraced the fuzzies and realize that they aren't going anywhere.
  • You know the exact day and year you started loc'ing your hair.

Us naturals and loc'ers do tend to be a little clique-ish, don't we? We have our own terminology and secret handshakes. Nah, I'm kidding about the latter but in a world of straight hair, I think it's cool when afros and locs stand out.

But then again, I am biased. :)

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Expanding Beauty said...

LOL! I'm right there with you, but I don't have a t-shirt, tote bag or key ring yet, I'm slacking.

Anna Renee said...

I think we do tend to be proud of ourselves for being true to ourselves and defining our beauty for ourselves! We strut around the town and on all these blogs and infect other sisters to join the party! It's a revolution!

Unknown said...

hehe, cute list! I don't go so far as to buy shirts and keychains to brag about my natural hair, but everything else is on point :)

dcford said...

ha! i definitely fit the bill for loving my locs...and i do! my favorite one is the 2-4 products part. thats all i need! its actually pretty liberating, isnt it? lol