Friday, May 21, 2010

Fro-back when: 2nd BC love

Yeah baby! I loved my hair at this stage. This was my second BC which was different from the first BC in that I actually knew what products to use. I felt so much more confident and fell in love with the wash 'n go all over again. If I ever cut my locs off (I probably will one day...but then I'll loc up again), I'll be rocking this! In fact...I can't even look at this picture too hard because it really makes me miss the fro. The TWA though. I SO don't miss the big afro. No ma'am. LOL!

Any loc rockers miss their TWA to the point that they think they'll chop the locs? Short natural hair is the best but I think I'm too attached to my locs (aka fuzzy 2-strand twists...ha!).

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Chanel said...

Everytime I see a hot fro I think about it, but I've spent too much time cultivating these locs to cut them yet...I've even had "loc" nightmares of me starting

Unknown said...

When I saw this post on my blog roll I clutched my heart thought you did the big chop and cut off your locks. lol!!! Glad I didn't have a heart attack :)

Glo said...

I've thought about it...mostly when I look at old pics...hmmmm....

B said...

Chanel---> I am in LOVE with your locs. Don't you dare cut them!

rmcandlelight---> LOL, no ma'am! My locs are buggin' me but I don't think I have the heart to chop them just yet.

Glo---> Yeah, me too. *le sigh*