Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How my locs changed my perception: A loc'd epiphany

Dare I say it, but I am actually satisfied with my locs right now. I mean, 100%. I know some of y'all have been satisfied for quite some time with your crowns, but the perfectionist that is me was having a tough time with this loc'ing experience.  And I've got this entire blog to show just how much of a nutcase perfectionist I am.

I went from maintaining by palm rolling, then latching, then palm rolling then freeforming and back to palm rolling.

I dyed my locs brown, red and purple. And I STILL want to color them again.

I wanted them thicker, and then I smaller again...and then thicker again.

I wanted only to use natural products, then I said "Eff that" and used whatever.

I wanted to get my locs professionally done, and then I wanted to do them by myself. Now I'm back to craving my loctician's magic.

I washed too often. And then I hardly washed.

I wanted them thicker. And then thinner. And then thicker. 

I re-twisted too often. And then I hardly re-twisted.

I regretting this and hated that.

I wanted to start over.

My locs have taught me so much about myself and about life, in general. I know only fellow loc'ers can understand this. If I told this to a stranger on the street, they'd be like, "WTF, it's just hair." But locs have taught me how to just let go. Let nature happen. It won't be perfect and it may not turn out the way I want it to, but it'll be beautiful nonetheless.

Do y'all have any stories of how your journey to loc'dom has changed your thinking?


Amina said...

When I was locking it taught me that some things are just beyond my control!! I have to let it go and let it happen

NESSessary said...

Not sure so much if it has changed my thinking, but I do like how it has taught me to be patient and to gain more control in how I take care of my locs. A part of me wishes that my loctitian could have started off my locks thicker, and that I could have had more control in regards to how I wanted them, but since I've combined and just let my hair freeform, I realized that it doesn't really matter. I'm glad that now I control what is put in my hair and how I take care of it, while also letting my hair do what it do. We all have "funks" throughout the locking journey but overall I really love it and wouldn't really have it any other way.

LoveandLocs said...

My locs have taught me to just do me. In the beginning, ERRYBODY had something to say. I shouldn't lock my hair....they're too small.....they're too thick....the ends look crazy...they look dry.....they look greasy.....they're too frizzy.....they're too neat....etc. I used to get so caught up with all the "advice" and was doing WAAAY too much. Now, I just make sure I'm confortable with how they look and feel, and I just smile and nod at the critics.

PhePhi said...

what a gr8 post. i'm so happy 2 hear that u've come 2 a place of satisfaction. i can honestly say that i'm super almost there. i looked in the mirror recently & said "wow. i really luv my hair." i would c others w/braidlocs & compare there's to mine, which is a big NO NO! i wanted 2 start from scratch soooo many times because i liked the look of someone else's opposed to mine. but 4 a few bunched ends, that i'm going 2 repair simply becz i'm a perfectionist, obsessive/compulsive, whatever u wanna call it, i would b at 100% satisfaction.

thanks for the post. i never thought about this b4.

Expanding Beauty said...

my locing process taught me patience, listening to myself, freedom, expanding my concept of what beauty is, confidance and, and, and....My locs still teach me I'm now venturing into new territory in my life and with my hair (growing it long) and it's teaching me trust, faith and strength. yes locs are deep man

Nicole said...

My story is about the same, lol. Today (because I'm taking it one day at a time) my locs and I are getting along quite well :-)

Ijele said...

Hey girl i am glad you found your 100% love for your locks again! Though i have had my locks for only like 5 months, i have learned some things(also thru the holy spirit)!
Lesson 1: Beauty is way more than skin deep, i know it sounds cliche, but for real. I was concerned how i looked 24/7, now i still wanna look good, but i know that i gotta take care whats inside as well as the outside.
Lesson 2: Patience, i wanted my hair to be long now! but with locks i got to wait.. and wait, but it will get there!
Lesson 3: to do me! Even if people prefer that my hair be this way or that. I DONT CARE, CUZ I WANT LOCKS! LOL and in do time, my hair will be longer than theirs. oKAY just joking**
Anyway be blessed Ms. B.***

Ijele said...

and this is a sometimes, probably several times we will change our minds. that is a given, fo sho! i know i have, but its a journey, like life is and marriage etc. A journey...

the female diaries said...

Well this month on the 12th i will be 8 months loced and i can truly say that it has changed me regarding my health. i pretty much ate healthy and i am a healthy woman. But It caused me to be more conscience of what im eating and using in my hair. I also went back to excersing and eating things that i never knew i would. alomond milk, rice milk, no fried or processed foods! my locks are doing wonderful. Also it has taught me to losen up and relax.when i wore relaxers my hair had to be in place not a strand out of place( because of the hair stylist in me) but now its 'whatever iam me' I feel free and im growing to be comfortable in my own skin.
So with a new diet, excersise and hairbeing; this journey has been wonderful!!

robinc said...

My locks have taught me that they are going to do what they want to do when I do my re-twist, patience is the key, to keep it simple. I love my locks but maintenance is a PILL! This past weekend I shampooed my locks and instead of re-twist and clip, I just re-twist and kept it moving. I got finished so much quicker, my arms weren't aching and I might add that my locks look just as good, maybe better, than when I re-twist and clip. I am 2 years and 4 months locked and I have happy hair! peace&blessings