Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Product Review: Carol's Daughter Loc Butter

In an effort to crank out more product reviews, I'm going to start by grabbing some of the reviews I did on Clumps of Mascara and sharing them with the Loc Rocker fam. Here's one of them...

Loc Butter
Price: 4 out of 5 ($15.50 from Sephora.com)
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims:
“In order to lock hair, one does not need sticky pomades. It is the motion of the palm roll or twist in conjunction with clean, properly moisturized hair that aids in the locking process. This Carol’s Daughter favorite, offers superior grooming with citrus oils that provide a light scent and ylang-ylang that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair.” (source)

The truth:
What the….I knowwww there isn’t any beeswax in this!

What I loved about it: I like the idea behind it. Very rarely will you see a loc butter on the market sold by a major brand. So that’s exciting. It shows that there is a demand of products for ladies who are loc their hair. And since I’m one, I think that’s great!

What I didn’t like:
The inclusion of beeswax.

Overall:  From when I FIRST started loc'ing my hair, I was told by professionals and veteran loc'ers  to NEVER put beeswax in my locs. Beeswax will assist your hair in loc’ing but it will also attract lint. And lint attracts dirt. Gross. I was all excited about Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter until I saw the ingredients.
See the beeswax? That’s so wrong. Other than that, the product itself looks and smells wonderful. I find that it is far too greasy to use on my locs but perhaps it would work better for folx who have more mature locs.

I wouldn’t recommend it though. Beeswax is a total no no. It scares me and while I know Carol's Daughter's intentions were good, I wish they would have given a little more thought behind this product.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who uses this stuff. Her locs are amazing!!!

Blaquegoddess said...

Wax is for cars, floors&furniture not healthy natural hair!There are far to many products that don't contain wax that are wonderful for natural tresses.While shea butter is far to thick and in some cases oily, it can be melted and added to an all natural setting lotion which makes for a nice locking pudding. Add a smidge of lavender oil for scent or your favorite scent. Pure aloe jelly which can be found at most whole foods markets shea butter&yourfavorite scent.Just my .02 worth

Unknown said...

This product - while smelling so good - left so much gunk in my hair it wasn't funny. It took forever to get out...and I immediately gave it away to my unloc'd sister.

Unknown said...

I love the way you write!

Kareen said...

Thanks for the review. Someone on youtube demonstrated how likely difficult this product will be to remove from locs...she wasn't able to easily wash the empty container clean. It took a lot of scrubbing and still the container had a film. Just sayin'

Ziza said...

i've always wished i could love cd projects bc its a sisterpreneur who started the company in my hometown of bklyn and the labelling and such look amazing. but so many of the products have beeswax in them, i just stay away from all the products.

Abby said...

Dang it. I hate beeswax. Thanks for being honest! What do you use B?

Anonymous said...

Not the infamous beeswax?....DUM DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMM....

I've heard many mention they couldn't have loc'd their hair without it and many who run screaming from it. I've always left it alone b/c of the build up factor.

I wanted to give Carol's Daughter another chance but so many of their products have it. I look forward to reading your reviews.

B said...

Abs---> I use gel based products when I retwist. Organics Root Stimulator Loc and Twist gel and aloe vera gel are my favorites.

Ms. Tee said...

I eyed this the last time I was in Sephora and was also turned off when I saw beeswax on the ingredient list. So much so, that I actually exclaimed "Beeswax??!?" aloud, in the store, by myself...LOL!

Currently I use ORS Loc & Twist Gel...my locs started to feel a bit dry when using that alone, so I've mixed it with honey and olive oil, and it works much better!

I'm close to running out though, so I'm debating if I'm gonna continue with this mixture or try something else...seeking recommendation.

Unknown said...

I highly recommend Carol's Daughter Loc Butter for African American's w/natural hair. I thought long and hard about purchasing the product, because I didn't know anyone who'd personally tried it. There's no residue build up. The product is light, yet functional.

Also, I LOVE the aroma!!! Originally, this was another concern. I had no idea what the product would smell like. Carol's Daughter did not disappoint! I will definitely purchase it again!

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*NaturalDiva* said...

I actually brought this a few months ago. It did nothing to hold my retwist and once I read that it has beeswax in it I said forget it!. I am now using Eco Styler Gel w/olive oil.