Friday, April 1, 2011

REVIEW: Oyin Handmade Go Tea

I get a lot of requests to do more product reviews on Loc Rocker, but let's face it...I have NEVER been a product junkie. I am a dedicated fan to the products that work and only switch them up after I've used the entire bottle. So if it's a ton of product reviews you wish to see on Loc Rocker, sorry y' won't be happenin'.

Unless of course my lovely friends send me products. Hahahaaa!! I was excited to try something new from Oyin Handmade.

Check out to Go Tea Grooming Spray To Go.

When I first read the description of Go Tea, I thought it would A LOT like the Juices & Berries and Greg Juice sprays. But nope, Go Tea has tea tree oil and jojoba oil. Right away I knew I wanted to use this as a scalp oil. The tea tree oil would keep the dandruff at bay and the jojoba oil would provide the moisture that my hair is constantly screaming for.

I like it! It's a nice refresher on my scalp but doesn't weigh the locs down either. I like to spritz it directly on the scalp and massage it in. I love that it isn't too oily. In fact, the consistency is a bit water-y. It doesn't have a strong fragrance as Juices & Berries and Greg Juice either. Which, for a downfall because I love for my hair to smell...pretty.

BUT--this is a good thing for the fellas who will be using this to groom their beards. I like that the guys were considered in this product creation. $7.50 will get you a 4 oz. spray bottle which, I think, is reasonable.

The locs approve!! Purchase and get more deets about Go Tea here. I REALLY want to try the Hair Dew but my locs + creamy products=disaster so that's a no go. Any Oyin Handmade fans in the house?


Eve said...

you said it doesn't smell strong, so what does it smell like? i always wanted to get this but i don't wanna smell like a pine forest, nawwwmean? is it "manly" smelling? lol thanks for the review!

eMCee said...
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eMCee said...

Thanks for the review. I, too, love Oyin. Can't wait to try out some of their new products.

*Loc'd up and free for 19 months*

Kareen said...

Sounds like it's worth giving a try. I really enjoy Oyin products. Thanks for the review!

new2locs said...

Love me some Oyin although I haven't ordered in a while since my loctician makes products.

The Woman Undone said...

I heard about the Oyin products from a guy I know with locks. I wanted something for my 11 year old son that didn't smell sooooo fruity and FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! My son LOVE LOVE LOVES the Greg juice and brown sugar pomade. Their products seem like they cater especially to locs and this is great for styling spray. Big ups to Oyin.

nast said...

I have been using Honeydew for two months..awesome. It is not think like pink oil. I find that my hair absorbs it and I have not noticed any build up.