Monday, July 4, 2011

Freeform Summer Challenge: Check-In #1

For my ladies participating in the Summer Freeform's time for an official check-in! Check-in's can be a simple as letting us know your thoughts in the comments below to posting about it on your own blog. Kinda like how Naturaleza did.

I'll do my check-in via photos.

Lez go...

I haven't seen this much loose hair on my head since BEFORE I loc'd.

And that's not a bad thing. In 2 days, it will make a good month of no retwisting. I've gone a month without retwisting before....hence why I wanted a challenge and opted for Track 2. But still, in the times when I didn't retwist in a whole month, I didn't wash the locs either. I've washed twice. Which has been such a treat for my locs.

I've had such a hard time getting the build-up out of those 3 locs. I'm leaving those to my loctician. I think I'm going to have her treat the locs to their first retwist after the challenge. Speaking of build-up, I'm thinking that my Organics Root Stimulator Loc & Twist gel may be contributing to it. Since I haven't been retwisting, I haven't been using it AND haven't gotten any build-up.

That means when I start retwisting again....I'm going to try it with just water. Or at the very least, just aloe vera gel. Nothing more. The biggest struggle I have with these freeform locs is separating them after a wash.

Some tend to bind together and I'm left having to snatch them apart. Which is painful and damaging to my locs and scalp. But uh...I know of no other way to separate them. And separating them is a must.

Overall, I'm loving the look of these locs. I love how they look. I love how they feel. It's a different look for me. So different that a friend whom I haven't seen in months saw me and said, "Wow B...really lettin' those locs go there, uh?" She didn't mean to be rude. But I get what she's saying. I look completely different with freeform locs and manicured locs. Not better. Just different.

And I dig that. Check-in, my sisters! If your name is in the table below, we'd love to get an update from you.

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Shawnta said...

I totally understand the different but not better or worse description. I'm currently at three months but am struggling with thoughts of I have to be cute and retwist for my birthday in a few days.

Choc8high74 said...

Im loving ur locs B. I have been freeforming for 1 1/2 mths. I have to say it has been so nice and free of not having my hair retwisted. Ive washed it once since freeforming. I have to locing my hair has been the best decision I have every made when it comes to my hair. I will be coming up on my 1 yr anni of my locs it has being a up and down journey I have to say. Lol

Loced Lioness said...

I'm actually enjoying freeforming this summer, it's giving my locs a break. I'm exploring different hairstyles.