Monday, August 1, 2011

Freeform Summer Challenge: Check-In #2

What is this Freeform Summer Challenge I speak of? Click here for details.

In a few days I would have gone 2 months of not twisting my hair. Considering I'm rocking fully fledged afrolocs, I am SO excited about this. I will definitely be doing this next summer and as needed. I mean, it makes perfect sense. Why be so anal about twisting my roots in the summer time with all of the sweating and swimming I do? It's just so pointless. That and well....I really really like my freeform locs.

As much, if not more than my manicured locs.

Quite frankly, I don't notice much of a difference between my first check-in and now.

The roots are still super thick with afro goodness. I found myself playing in my roots quite often. It brings back a bit of nostalgia of when I was a loose natural. Not that I miss that. If you knew me then, you knew that I was the laziest "hair do-er" ever. I love that freeforming has allowed me to get back to that "lazy stage" of natural hair. Not that my maintained locs required A LOT of time. But there were days when I didn't work out after a retwist. And there were moments where if even a bit of afro hair was showing on the edges, I was grabbing some aloe vera gel and retwisting it.

If you're going through that "I want a new look with my freeform locs", try curling them or braiding them. I washed my locs, braided them, took them out the next day and had gorgeous curls. Yes, I've done this before but they looked beautiful with the afro roots.

My girl Shana and I were talking about heading on over to Track 3 buuuuuut I'm not sure. I'm anxious to get over to my loctician and have her really treat my scalp and locs. I need a good hair detox, a scalp massage and I need her to remove some of the build-up from the locs in the back. I just feel like my locs need some pampering. Oh! And those blue locs come from Milani Cosmetics' hair mascara. I was shocked that it worked on my locs. It's a temporary hair tint that I wore for a weekend. Y'all know I'm a rockstar. Blue locs? Right on!

They've had a great summer. Freeforming has opened my eyes up and given me such a greater appreciation for my locs. For the first time ever, The Guy said he likes my freeform locs better. Now don't get me wrong---I don't need approval from anyone. But hearing something like that from your significant isn't a bad thing, uh?

Downfalls about freeforming? I don't think I had any. I enjoyed washing once a week and air drying. I didn't get any build-up. Not one bit. My roots did get a bit tangled after each wash and pulling them apart wasn't the best feeling in the world. It wasn't AWFUL either. I'll be revisiting freeforming again. Maybe in a few months. Maybe next year. I love not setting rules and making plans for and around my hair. I just go with the flow.

Where are my ladies and gents participating in the Challenge? I know some of you have completed, some are struggling, some are doing well...let us know! I'm not posting the participants this go 'round as I don't want to shame some of y'all that have dropped out of the challenge. And that's cool. The challenge wasn't about "winning" or "losing" but it was an attempt to try out something different with our locs. Freeforming isn't for everyone.  But honey...I am 100% down with the freeforming lifestyle.

Share your throughts! If you'd like to do a guest post on your freeform locs, shoot me an email ( and I'd love to feature you.