Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Locs at 3.5 years

Talk about the jump in updates, uh? I mean, let's face it....after the first year of growing locs, nothing exciting happens. It's the first year that is full of new products, methods, styles, emotions and after that - you get set in your ways and life moves on.

Hence why I had very few updates after a year. 2.5 years later and my locs are 100% mature. Ain't no doubt about it. They are growing, growing and growing. And that's about it. I haven't colored my locs in 8 months and for no other reasons than I'm lazy and too cheap to pay anyone to do it.

Of course I WANT color but I'm okay without it right now. Most of my combined locs have become one and I've cut off some of the 2-headed dragons.

I kinda regret that because now it makes the locs in the back look super thin. I want the locs to grow out a bit more and then I'll trim all around so that the thicker part of my combined locs is what stands out.

Maintenance is ridiculously easy. At one point I was washing weekly because of my itchy scalp. The scalp has cleared up some and now I'm washing once every 2-3 weeks and palm rolling every other time. I love that palm rolling has become optional for me. I'm not dependent on it and only do it when I feel like it. Not on a schedule. Which works for me and my lifestyle.

I've been meaning to get my annual professional appointment but I don't have any real reasons. I don't have any complaints about my locs so why fix what ain't broken, ya know?

Products-wise I've been obsessed with Alaffia Ginger Shampoo. It smells divine, gives the locs moisture and doesn't weigh them down. I've been using that and Jane Carter's Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo and following up with her Leave-In conditioner. Which will ALWAYS be a staple for me.

Very rarely do I use oils. I find that using them too often just contributes to my itchy scalp. Which sounds backwards, I know. I may run oil through my hair and locs once per wash.

And that's that. Styling is limited (because I suffer from migraines when I wear updos and tight styles for too long) but I'm okay wearing my hair down or in a mid-ponytail most days. My edges are grateful.

I can't even believe it's been almost 4 years. Wooooo!!