Monday, June 25, 2012

Q&A: Session 6

Even though Loc Rocker went ghost for a while, y'all still sent me questions via email and
 I still answered them. Below are some of the few that I've gotten over the past few months.
 My emailed answers were a lot longer because I have a problem with giving short answers

Q: B-your locs are now 3 years old. are there 
any products that you started at the beginning 
of your journey that you STILL use? 
A: Hmm, that's a good question. The answer is no. My locs had different needs in their
infancy. I loved castile soap (here's why I stopped using it) but haven't used it on my locs
in over a year. Mind you, I am NOT a product junkie and have never been one. I stick to
products that I like but I'm still a sucker for trying new thing; but only when my old products
 have run out. But I have tried several shampoos over the months. My favorite shampoo in
 life will always be Peter Lamas' Purifying Shampoo but honey, that's an expensive shampoo
 and mama be on a budget. So yeah. I'm using different products all the time.

Q: Are you exclusiver a DIYer or do you still go
 to your loctician from time to time?
A: I guess I'm a DIY'er because yeah - I haven't been to my loctician in a
year and a half. I miss her dearly and my locs could probably using the
professional pampering. When I started locs, I didn't want to be dependent
on a professional so I'm glad to know that I can wash, style and maintain
my locs on my own. 

Q: Are you going to do the Freeform Summer 
Challenge again this year?
A: Ohhh mannnn, you remember that? Those were the days. Last year
(in Summer of 2011) a few loc rockers and I came up with the idea to
freeform during the summer. It was a fantastic idea and anyone who
 wanted to join us and refrain from retwisting or interlocking their roots
during the summer were welcome to join us. It was a great journey and
gave many of us an appreciation for our afro roots. That said, I'll probably
do it again this year. I did some freeforming throughout 2012 so it won't
be so much of a "challenge" for me any more. But I really do enjoy not
retwisting my hair in the summer.

Q: I thought I wanted smaller locks. I have about 
400 of them. But I have no desire in keeping them 
anymore. I want larger locks but don't want to 
have to start my journey over because my locs 
are 3 years old. Is there something I can do? 
I currently palmroll to maintain my locs.
A: Yikes! That's a tough one and I think you're better off consulting
with a loctician on that one. While I combined my locs, I did so at a
 time when they weren't yet mature. I would imagine that combining
mature locs may be a little more of a challenge. But it certainly isn't
impossible. I would definitely refer to a loctician regarding this question. 

Q: How important is it to go to a salon? I want to
 start locs but everyone is telling me it's best to start
 them in a salon. I've had natural hair for natural 
hair for 7 years and feel confident that I can start
 my locs on my own doing 2-strand twists. What 
do you think?
A: If you've been doing your natural hair for that long, I'm pretty sure
you can can handle starting your own locs. The hardest part would be
 making sure that you've parted your hair evenly -if you care about
that kind of thing. Some loc rockers feel better doing their own hair
and if by all means you trust yourself, than I say go for it. I believe
all styles and all textures of hair can be maintained outside of the salon. 

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