Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 52 Updates....

Wow...it's been a little minute since I've updated! With a post regarding my hair, at least.

And here we are at Day 52.

I can't believe it. The other day I was looking at this picture....

...and I missed my big hair! It was so much fun. But it fit my lifestyle. While I adored the huuuge afro, I know that there is a time and a place for it. It worked for the funky college student. I was young and free.

Now I'm young and working a 8-5. LOL, which says a lot.

So locs work for me right now.

Amina and I are always talking about going back to the "loose hair"....and I've always been pretty sure that I won't....but who knows where life will take you.

I know where it WON'T take me, though--and that's back to the creamy crack called a perm.
But that's just me. :)

Check out how the hair looks now:

.....and this is where I was when I cut my hair off in September.

How in the WORLD does my hair grow so fast? It's insane....I mean....I barely had any hair and now if I stretch it, it is hittin the top of my back. Craziness!!

Not a thing has changed in terms of maintenance. I still use my oil and make sure that I use my satin bonnet every night before bed.

I have an appointment on Friday. I saw her only three weeks and I could probably go another week since the fuzzies don't bother me.

Yes, I said it....I love how my hair looks a fuzzy mess. It doesn't bother me for some reason which is shocking since I always said I wanted my locs to be perfectly manicured, neat and nice at all times.

Well...I think these look nice.

But something HAS to be done about this dandrufff--an issue I've been dealing with for years. Some say that if your hair grows fast, you may endure MORE dandruff. Not sure how true that is but I am off to research some supplements (again) that can assist with my dandruff issue.

Peace and loc've.


Unknown said...

Wow... Brit... your hair DOES grow incredibly fast!!!! it looks wonderful!!! and girl, that is NOT fuzzy! Wait til you start going like two months (every now and then) between retwists, lol!

it looks great... your locks are going to be really beautiful.
(this is "minordetail" from twitter)

Miss.Stefanie said...

I want a fro!

Laquita said...

Yep that is fast growth :o) Your locs look great. I am in the oposite stage I have loose hair and want locs ....

B said...

Kristin--> Ohmigoodness you're scaring me. Two months without re-twisting. Nooooo!!! Good thing I can re-twist pretty well myself. The question is, can I force my lazy tail to do it? hmmm, LOL!

Stef--> LOL, I'm not sure if your hair can do all of that, missy.

Laquita--> Look at your afro puff. I miss mine! *deep sigh* Thanks a lot. Come on and join the journey, sis!

Amina said...

your hair is growing so well!!
like you, i will NEVER EVER go back to a relaxer!!
fro yes
relaxer no

Avartsy said...

Hey B,

I've had my sisterlocks for a lil' over 6mths now and yes, I go 2 months before my retightening sessions, love the fuzz and the lil afro underneath, gives it character, I'll say... In the beginning, I had issues with dandruff, and I basically did an acv rinse and spritzed with a few drops tea tree oil and water. Now, I use the Khoret Amen leave in and the itchies are gone! Look at you now, even sporting a clip in the locs, love it lady...love it (and I adore the fro too!!)

Ardourliene said...

Looking cute!
LOL at stefanie...

Chanel said...

I miss my loose hair too! Trying to stay stong :-)

random said...

The fro looks cute. And so do the locs. Your brave for doing that, I couldn't go through it.

Anonymous said...

I miss my loose hair too...sigh... I sure don't miss the upkeep though..hehe!

You have the prettiest pics!!!

Exercise increases the circulation in your scalp and body, allowing your hair to grow. Not to mention how well you're eating. You go!