Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drying 'de locs after a wash

Okay, sisters..... do y'all dry the locs? The post on washing the locs has me inspired to wash mine more often. And I would do that if drying them was easier. I usually HAVE to sit under a dryer. I could let the Florida sun dry them but I usually wash in the evenings. And sleeping with wet locs is a no no, right?

I'd love to know everyone else's routine. And who addition to helping me, you may help other loc'ers out there!

Be sure to include the following:

-Type of locs you have (cultivated, freeform, sisterlocks, etc).
-How old your locs are.
-About how long your locs are.


LA Jefferson said...

Tell you the truth, most often I let mine air dry. I've been locked for 1 1/2 yrs and locks are shoulder length. I only sit under the dryer if I'm trying to style it for an evening out or something.

Tarra Lu said...

My locs are cultivated, 4 months old, and are chin length. I noticed that when I dry my hair under a dryer, I get more dandruff (or extreme dry scalp rather). So instead, I squeeze sections of my hair with a towel to take out excess water and air dry. If I'm in a rush, I'll sit under the dryer for 20 mins under cool air...

dcford said...

My locs are 8-years old and somewhere between cultivated and freeform...they are to the middle of my back.

Because of length, I usually squeeze the excess water out, towel dry, and then cornrow them after twisting. No matter how I mix it, it would take a LONG time for mine to dry, so I usually leave it braided for 2 days and let it towel dry. Haven't had any problems doing this.

When they were shorter, I did the same thing but after twisting just left them out (or tied on a scarf) and let them airdry. Sometimes I did go to bed with a wet head, and never had a problem (besides a damp pillow :)

ps. love your blog!

Mama Violet said...

I guess mine are freeform and until about 3 yrs ago I just let them air dry (start really early in the morning). Three years ago I starting to twist and curl them more after washing so I use the bonnet dryer. I've had locs for about 13 yrs and they are at my lower back.

msfullroller said...

Mine are braidlocks that are in the size range between micro & small that are cultivated. Next Monday they'll be 15 months old and are almost to the bottom of the neck. This winter I've been drying my locs with a blowdryer on the low setting since like you I'm washing in the evening. I have a bonnet dryer too that I'll probably be using sometimes too. In the summer I was air drying.

Thanks for the loc-aversary well wishes.

Candace said...

My locs are cultivated with a few freeforms mixed in. They are three years old and are past my shoulders. I usually wash, ring them out a million and one times and sit under my bonnet dryer for about 30-45 mins on Medium heat. I ususally roll them after they are 3/4 dry, and finish by letting them airdry.
When they were shorter, I would let them air dry.

Expanding Beauty said...

my locs are cultivated, almost 3 years old and mid-length, When I can't air dry, I sit under the dryer for about 15min, only so my scalp is dry or else I get the sniffles and then wait about 30-40min. before going to bed. Also try towels that are supposed to be super absorbant like Aquis. Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Lately, I've been towel drying to get most of the moisture out, then putting it in a ponytail for a couple of hours til the outside is about dry (2-3 hrs while I do some reading). Then I take the ponytail out and braid my damn locs into about 8 braids. I usually wash my hair in the afternoon/evening. By the AM, it's mostly dry when I take the braids out. If not, 2-3 minutes with a medium-heat dryer does the trick.

I have chin-shoulder length 2.5 year old Sisterlocks.

Anonymous said...

I've had locs for 3.5 years, they're my second set, they're latched and they're a little past my shoulders. I save the bonnet dryer for special occasions (when I twist/palm roll my roots or when I want to curl or krinkle my locs). I usually wash at night and air dry. I wring them dry in small bunches, then take a dark-colored t-shirt and use it to wring them again. Then I take another dark colored t-shirt and wrap my hair sorta like a turban and go to sleep. My pillow is barely even damp in the morning and my hair is almost completely dry. I try to wash at least once a week. When I was swimming, I washed twice a week. Once your locs have matured, you can wash them as often as you need to, you just have to be careful about separation (if they're not freeform, that is), rinsing carefully and moisturizing/conditioning.

B said...

Thanks a ton, y'all!! Your methods are certanly helping me out. Now I don't feel so bad about air drying the locs at night.

Raxxie said...

i have nearly 2 month old braidlocks (yes i'm a baby)

they're about neck length unstretched, collar bone lenght stretched. (i dont know how many inches really)

i have an old pair of cotton pants/leggings that i wrap my hair in for a few minutes after i wash and when i take it off its mostly dry.

it also hasn't given me any lint issues so far and i wash often.

my hair usually is completely dry about an hour or so afterwards.


B said...

Raxxie---> Thanks!!