Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Veteran Loc'ers Chime In: Coop

Coop is the bomb diggity. We can literally email and text each other all day discussing the politics of natural hair. She's reppin' those Sisterlocks!

1. How old are your locs?
Um let's see. I got them installed Feb or March of 2007, so that makes them (12 *3 = 36. +2 or 3) about 38 or 39 months old. Goodness, I really had to think about that. Guess I could've just said 3 years.

2. Have you ever thought about cutting them? If so, why?
 I get in ruts about my locs and I want change instantly. I've thought several times about cutting them off. I've cut my hair all off several times before, so it would be nothing new. But with the length I have now, I want to see how long they'll grow to be. My hair hasn't been this long since I was in elementary school.

3. Have you ever combined your locs? Why or why not?
Again, yes! lol Why or why not? I've combined some intentionally because I have some really thin locs. (My hair starting thinning at the crown in high school -- it's not thinning because of the locs.) I combined the thin ones with healthy neighbors quite a few times. Sometimes I've combined locs accidentally. Like I have one loc that's a 3-headed dragon. Yes, 3. That's what happens when you try to do your hair when you're sleepy and you're not using a mirror. smh

4. Fill in the blank: It frustrates me when my locs ________.
...have lint in them and folks don't tell me! Jeez. If I had a relaxer you'd tell me there was lint. Folks act like natural people LIKE having foreign stuff in their hair. I wash my hair regularly so it stays clean. If you see some lint, TELL ME!

5. Fill in the blank: I love when my locs ___________.
...are clean, curly and bouncy!

6: Any words of wisdom for struggling loc'ers?
Be patient, accessorize and keep your skin looking good! Trust me -- when you HATE your hair but your skin looks refreshed, the world thinks you look fabulous!

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Vivrant Thang said...

I loves me some Coop. She's been so supportive of me as I begin my Sisterlock journey. She was my first blog commenter too. Great pics as well. Locs looking loverly.

Really love both of your blogs by the way. First time commenting here. Had to show Coop some love.

*Coop* said...

Thanks Viv and B. You ladies are so so awesome! I'm really blessed to know you both.

B said...

Ain't she wonder, VT?

Love you, Coop!!