Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Annual Atlanta Sisterlocks Explosion

My friend Sam and I REALLY want to go but our college friend is having a baby shower this weekend. Bummer. I know I'm not a Sisterlock rocker but I'd love to go to this event and learn some thangs. Not to mention, it appears that the only way my Mom would consider going natural is through Sisterlocks. I need to brush up my knowledge so that I make her transition easier.

Anyone in ATL or the surrounding areas thinking about going?


Naturally Sophia said...

Definitely! Posted the same flyer on my site last night ;)

Mother Madge said...

Hi LocRocker -

I'm thinking about going. I've been sisterlocked since July 24, 2010. I'm dragging my BF with me, she keeps asking me about sisterlocks and also commenting on mine, she don't know what to do with her hair. She's been wearing a "hat" (wig) for about 3 years now and we are SICK of it. LOL

Samantha Sophia said...

You aint going? Girl I am... lol