Thursday, July 23, 2009

Locs at 7 Months!!!


The post of the locs at 7 months. This is a wee bit late. But here we go!

I wanted to take photos of the locs at different stages of a retwisting.

The wash. The retwist. The curling.

Oh yes!! I curled the babies. And they look absolutely divine. Rolling my hair reminded me so much of being young and rolling it the night before a Sunday church service. HA!! Thanks to Coop for these rollers to because they are excellent.

I washed with Dr. Bronner's Castile soap...

And this ladies and gentlemen is an example of build-up. Yuck. I don't know why it looks like this but by the second wash my hair was cleansed and literally sparkled. Looks funny, uh?

Retwisted with Pure Essence Body butter (review and feature coming soon!)....gosh, I love this body butter. It does wonders for the locs when retwisting. I mean....wonders. And look how thick the locs look! WOW!

Curlin' time!! These rollers (stay tuned for feature!) are incredibly easy to use and soft--so if I ever have to sleep with them, I think it'll be okay. Next time I will use end papers though. I sat with these under the dryer for a good 30 minutes. My hair was still wet! Which is a rarity. It is usually dry by the time I am finished retwisting them.

Those curls are rocking my world. Like in a major way. I LOOOOVE them. I will take smaller bits of hair the next time I do it though.

Then I went to sleep, woke up and oiled the hair a bit, but on a little shadow and gloss aaaaand...

LOL, I'm a mess. But those curls make me feel all elegant and ish. I just want to throw on a ball gown and waltz the night away. I just love these curls!

So yes, the locs at 7 months are really coming into their own. For the most part, most of my hair is loc'd. I have a few in the back that are being buttheads and not loc'ing though. I have a few locs that I think are TOO thin. I'll have to ask my loctician about those because I don't want those bad boys poppin' off when they get longer.

I am about to head to the airport to jump on a plane in NYC so this is a rather quick update. I will be doing more updates soon including retwisting, curling, pinning and more.

Yaaay at 7 months!


D. said...

You look so beautiful!

PhePhi said...

alright nah! rock it girl! u look fab!!!

LovelyBella73 said...

I love it!

Amina said...


NaturallyNewbie said...

They look so good omg I cant believe you been locing for 7 months nice growth..

Wes said...

Gorgeous girl!!! Definitely leave the rods in longer next time- I wanna see more curls!

Anonymous said...

Love the curls!!