Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Loc Style: Angola + why thick locs rock

I named this look after Miss. Universe 2011. After the freeform challenge, I jumped back in with retwisting but haven't done much styling. My goal was to visit my wonderful loctician and have her deep clean the locs and take care of the few locs in the back that are full of build-up. Buuuut, simply put...I can't afford it right now. Ha!

Not that being broke is funny but one must laugh to keep from crying. My financial roller coaster is the main reason why I opted to be the primary do-er of my locs. While I wanted to have a professional if I wanted, needed or could afford some pampering, I always wanted to feel confident that I could do my hair if need be. I never felt that way when I was a permin'. But anyway...

I've got a wedding to attend this weekend and wanted to look jazzy.

At the same time, I've been working out like a mad woman and didn't want to have a style that wouldn't hold up through sweaty workouts. I decided to do crinkly curls but instead of taking the braids out a day or so after I've worn them, I decided to keep them in all week. I did a bun for a few days but got a little bored with that. And so I played around a bit and came up with something a bit different. Not bad, eh?

I got the adorable bow from Quelly Rue Designs and it probably doesn't match with anything that I have on but it's uh...color blocking. Yeah. Color blocking.

Being able to do this style is also a reminder that thicker locs rock in so many ways. I've got about 16 of those braids (maybe less) and still managed to crank out a look using 2 bobby pins and 2 twist ties. I always hear loc'ers saying things like "I opted for smaller locs because I wanted to have styling options." I laugh because who said you can't have styling options with larger and thicker locs? Just sayin'...

Because these braids have been in for close to a week, I'm sure I'll have super tight curls. I'm going to do a cute wedding-y up-do with them. Yippie!!

Oh...and sorry about the watermarks. I loathe them tremendously but folx be stealin' my pics and not crediting them. And not just Tumblr people. I mean major websites.... So from here on out, I'll be watermarking most, if not all of my photos. Womp.